University Affiliation is defined as the registration process for student organizations, which provides a student organization with access to privileges afforded only to affiliated organizations. One of these privileges is the use of University facilities. University Departments include a department or school of the University, an academic or administrative unit, or a faculty or staff organization. The staff of the EUC, to enrich its student programs when such organizations wish to sponsor programs, will extend every measure of cooperation and assistance. Subject to scheduling policies, procedures and priorities, space may not be available when a major campus-wide activity or function is being planned. If the Reservations Office cannot resolve a booking conflict, the Director will be consulted. The Reservationist will assign space most suitable for the particular program based upon information provided about the intended event. Any special arrangements for the event (i.e., any room resets, A/V equipment, tables, extra chairs, decorations, catering services, advertisements, etc.) should be requested at the time of reservation. The space request will not be confirmed until all details have been provided and approved in writing. If necessary detail is not provided by the assigned deadline, the reservation will be canceled and the space may be assigned to another group. Unless other arrangements are made in advance, it is understood that the facility assigned will be returned to its original order and left clean. While no rental fee is charged to University – Affiliated organizations for use of the Elliott University Center facilities, fees will be assessed for the following:

  1. Special room arrangements other than for standard set
  2. Wages for additional personnel required because of or for the function
  3. Fees for table, chairs and other equipment requested
  4. Catering charges (Dining Services)
  5. Housekeeping charges as deemed necessary by management
  6. University Police, if deemed necessary by management
  7. Failure to cancel a meeting at least two (2) business days in advance if the function cannot be held as scheduled (charges will also be assessed for any special set-ups that were completed prior to receipt of the cancellation notice)
  8. Early opening and late closing of the facility
  9. Failure to comply with University, State and local policies or regulations
  10. Failure to leave the facility in its original good order and clean
  11. Damage to property or equipment while under control of the sponsoring organization

Please see the Equipment Rental / Labor / Miscellaneous Fee Schedule for current rate information.

Student groups wishing to meet for organization purposes will be permitted to meet three times in order to petition for University Affiliation, draft any required paperwork and begin proceedings for University Affiliation. Such affiliation is granted through the Office of Campus Activities & as outlined in the UNCG Policy Handbook for Students and the Affiliation policy. During this period there will be no merchandising activities or use of the University’s name as a sponsor.

This group includes:

  • Programs such as workshops, conferences, seminars or camps that are planned by UNCG departments and student organizations that charge a participation fee or require membership in an unaffiliated group.
  • Meetings, conferences, seminars, and programs that involve a university or university-affiliated unit and an unaffiliated cosponsoring organization such as a professional association or organization – where the event is consistent with the stated mission of UNCG. Professional associations are classified as unaffiliated, even though UNCG faculty and staff may be members.
  • Meetings, etc., organized by agencies of North Carolina state government.

These groups will not be charged a rental fee for use of the space but will be assessed the usual equipment rental, labor and miscellaneous fees that apply. Such groups may seek assistance from the Office of Continual Learning, and will be requested to notify that office of the program.

The Office of Continual Learning is the central clearinghouse for certain educational programs for public and community participation. All external groups that do not have a relationship with another Event Manager should call this office. Continual Learning will provide initial information and determine which Event Manager can best meet the groups’ needs. The Event Manager will handle the process of reserving space and event planning. Subject to scheduling policies and availability, non – University affiliated groups may be permitted to rent facilities in the EUC so long as such usage does not conflict or interfere with the educational mission of the University. Appropriate rental fees and other charges will be billed to cover the cost of facilities and services in the EUC.

Commercial Organizations


Facilities generally are not available in the EUC for use by commercial enterprises / organizations for the sale or promotion of their products or services for personal or corporate gain, unless such enterprises are sponsored by and directly related to University or departmental purposes and approved in advance by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (see Merchandising Policy, located at

Political Parties / Candidates for Public Office

Elliott Center may be available for public meetings for political parties and/or candidates for public office. The groups will first be referred to an appropriate student political club or organization or the Political Science Department for sponsorship before permitting such meetings to take place. Equal and impartial treatment of requests for use by political candidates and/or parties will be carefully observed. These programs must neither conflict nor interfere with other University – sponsored programs, events or activities, and fund-raising activities may not be conducted. All University, State and local policies and regulations must be observed.

Space is available to organizations with the understanding that there will be no violation of University, state, federal or local rules, regulations and policies. If, in the judgment of the Director or his assistants, any request conflicts with the educational mission of the University or might potentially result in violation of any University, state, federal or local regulations or present an unreasonable risk of harm to persons or property, such usage will not be approved. In reaching a determination to deny usage of facilities under these goals, the Director, in consultation with other University agencies, will consider the plans presented by the groups or individual requesting the facilities, the history of such activities, and any currently known factors of scheduling priorities, intended audience and function to be presented.

other policies

See Alcoholic Beverage policy,

Animals are not permitted in University buildings. Animals providing assistance to handicapped or disabled persons are the only acceptable exception.

Bicycles must be left outside and secured to the bike racks provided near the entrances to the building.

Candles and open-flame devices (including incense) are prohibited by Fire Code. Organizations with requirements for candles during formal functions may purchase battery-operated “candles” which are suitable for such purposes.

The University has contracted with Dining Services to provide all food service to the University. Groups planning to sponsor events in Elliott Center involving any food service must notify the Reservations Office of that fact at the time the reservation is made. “Food” includes such things as snacks, soft drinks, other hot or cold beverages, receptions, banquets, meals, luncheons, dinners, brunches, desserts, etc. In general, arrangements for all catering needs must be made through Dining Services at (336) 334-5195. This should be done at least four business days in advance of the event (ten days to two weeks in advance for major functions).

EXCEPTION: University departments and affiliated student organizations who host small group meetings (less than 40 persons) may make arrangements with the Reservationist to bring in limited amounts of pre-packaged, non-perishable snack items, such as bags of chips, pretzels, boxed cookies, crackers, popcorn, nuts and soft drinks. Such arrangements must be made known at the time of the reservation. Groups who do choose to supply their own limited snack items and supplies are expected to leave the area clean and in good order. If the area is not cleared of all food items, supplies and equipment immediately following the function, a minimum fee of $20.00 per hour will be charged to the organization, and future food privileges may be revoked. (This fee will be in addition to any other fee charged for set-up or use of the room.)

Provision for supplying table cloths, utensils, serving dished, cups, glasses, etc., usually considered necessary for serving refreshments, is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Elliott Center has no facilities available for food preparation, cleaning, storage, heating or cooling. No kitchen is available for use. Groups may not bring in appliances for use.

All decorations must be approved by the Reservations Office in advance, and preferably at the time of the reservation. The use of any combustible materials, including (among others) crepe paper, streamers, banners, leaves, trees, moss, hay, straw, etc., is prohibited. Decorations may not be attached in any manner to window treatment, furnishings, plaster walls, doors or windows. Glitter and/ or confetti may not be utilized in decorating. Items may not be stapled, nailed, tacked or glued. Only blue painters tape may be used to place decoration on walls or doors. Candles and open-flame devices may not be used for decorations. Live or cut greenery for decorating purposes is prohibited. In cases where decorations must be located in high places and a lift must be used to accomplish this; the Reservationist will contact the Facility Operations Department for proper installation and removal. Additional charges for this will apply.

If a reserving group desires extended building hours for a special program or function, such intention must be indicated at the time the reservation is made (and approval received at least two weeks in advance of the function). Approval for extended hours must be granted by the Director of the Elliott University Center or his assistants, after considering the need for late hours, the purpose of the program and any other pertinent factors. In such cases, the building will close at the usual time, leaving the area reserved available only to the intended guests at the function. Arrangements will be discussed thoroughly with the sponsors before the event. For affiliated student organization functions, the individual(s) requesting the space must be present for the duration of the event and will assume responsibility for insuring that all rules, regulations and policies set for the function are observed.A late closing fee of $30 per hour for Student Organizations, Academic and Administrative units and $50 per hour for External Groups will be charged, in addition to other charges for required personnel, equipment and services.

As with all public facilities, safety and fire codes exist which set maximum capacity limits for each space in the building. Space is assigned based on the estimate of expected attendance at the function. If the limit is met, additional admissions will be denied.

Please refer to the policy found at (Section XI).

Currently there are two reservable spaces adjacent to the Elliott University Center, Kaplan Commons – West Lawn and Taylor Garden.Kaplan Commons – West Lawn: The west lawn is reservable from 5 p.m. on Friday until 5 p.m. Sunday. To maintain an environment conducive to classroom instruction and study, amplified sound is only permissible during reservable hours.Taylor Garden – Taylor Garden is reservable per the normal Elliott University Center reserving hours and policies. In an effort not to disrupt meetings and programs held in Elliott University Center, amplified sound is not allowed in Taylor Garden during the academic year. A case by case review of this policy will be conducted by the EUC Reservations Manager for exceptions during the time period between the day after spring graduation and the official beginning of the academic year, the Chancellor’s Convocation.

Whenever an admission charge is made or contribution requested as a condition of attendance (or other revenue producing activity carried on) in the Elliott Center, such proceeds are subject to audit by the University. A permit, approved by the Office of Campus Activities & Programs, is necessary, when the merchandising is sponsored by a student organization.Any non-affiliated organization conducting such income producing activity shall pay Elliott University Center twenty percent (20%) of gross receipts. The Campus Activities Board, or other administrative unit of Elliott University Center must sponsor such activity in some manner. If the corporation is to be sponsored by another University-affiliated organization, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs must also approve this activity in advance in writing.See Merchandising Policy,

The use of skates, skateboards, and other wheeled recreational vehicles is prohibited inside Elliott Center.

Elliott University Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not allowed within 25′ of any building entrances. See the University Smoking Policy found at

University space may not be used by unaffiliated groups for merchandising activities. University buildings or campus spaces may not be used to raise money or to solicit goods or services which can be measured in monetary terms for any individual or organization other than a University affiliated group or an unaffiliated group that is a nonprofit organization, and which can prove its tax exempt status under IRS regulations.Any affiliated or unaffiliated group desiring to solicit funds must receive written approval for such solicitations from the Director of the Elliott University Center, Room 245 Elliott University Center.Solicitations which are approved for any organizations will be conducted (by reservation only) in the commons area of the Elliott Center at a table provided by the Center, or other location approved by the Director of the Elliott University Center.  The maximum duration for such solicitations will be two (2) weeks.  University affiliated student organizations may conduct solicitations in the Dining Hall Atrium in accordance with the University Dining Services Merchandising Policy.  See Merchandising Policy,


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