Reservations And Event Management Policies

  1. Reservations can be made in two different ways. You can access an online form
    (, or by visiting the Reservations Office in Room 221 of the Elliott University Center and completing the room request form. For the protection of all parties, VERBAL REQUEST WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The office will make every effort to respond to your request within five (5) business days. If you have not received any correspondence concerning your event at the end of this time period, please do not hesitate to contact the office at (336) 334-5378.
  2. Your reservation has not been approved until you have received a confirmation notice from the Reservations Office. It is not advisable that you begin advertising your event until you have received this notice.
  3. The Elliott University Center facilities may be reserved during regularly scheduled hours. Use of the facilities outside of these hours will result in a fee of $30 per hour for student organizations and Academic / Administrative units, and $50.00 per hour for all others. This fee is in addition to other charges that may be applicable. This fee is not pro-rated. Please note that the Elliott University Center operates under different hours during breaks, holidays, summers sessions, etc.
  4. The reserved spaces are available approximately 30 minutes before the meeting unless scheduled differently as a result of conversation between this office and the reserving party. It is essential that all meetings / events terminate at the appointed times to facilitate the next meeting / event.
  5. All meeting spaces are locked when not in use to protect the equipment that you have requested and to keep other groups from using the space that you have reserved. In order to gain access to the meeting space that you have reserved you should check in at the Elliott University Center Information Desk located on the first floor.
  6. The Reservations Office must be notified of any room cancellation no later than two (2) business days before the meeting. Note: Failure to report a cancellation may result in charges or possible loss of Elliott University Center privileges.
  7. All programs should be conducted in such a manner as not to produce excessive noise that may be disruptive to others.
  8. Setup and equipment needs should be included when making the reservation. LAST MINUTE REQUEST FOR EQUIPMENT MAY NOT BE HONORED.
  9. Storage space is not available. The Elliott University Center will not be responsible for any materials or equipment left in the building overnight, during breaks or after events. Any items left will be destroyed.
  10. University Center employees must move the Elliott University Center furniture and equipment. The reserving organization will be charged for damages that occur when not following this policy.
  12. All decorations must be approved by the Reservations Office in advance, and preferably at the time of the reservation. The use of any combustible materials, including (among others) crepe paper, streamers, banners, leaves, trees, moss, hay, straw, etc., is prohibited. Decorations may not be attached in any manner to curtains, drapes, and furnishings, plaster walls, doors or windows. Glitter or confetti may not be utilized in decorating.Items may not be stapled, nailed, tacked or glued. Only drafting or painters tape or other non-destructive sticking materials may be used. Candles and open-flame devices may not be used for decorations. Live or cut greenery for decorating purposes is prohibited. In cases where decorations must be located in high places and a lift must be used to accomplish this; the Reservationist will contact Physical Plant for proper installation and removal.
  13. Permission to serve beer and / or unfortified wine on a per-event basis requires and alcohol permission form. Please see the University policy for more details and instructions for completing this process.See Policies and Procedures for the Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus (II:C:001), available in the UNCG Policy Manual.
  14. The Elliott University Center is not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by any person as a result of a room reservation and / or activities sponsored by the reserving organization. These incidents should be reported to the staff of the Information Desk located on the first floor of the Elliott University Center.
  15. The Elliott University Center is a smoke-free area. Any use of fire producing articles, i.e., candles, incense, matches, etc. is prohibited.
  16. Use of firearms, illegal drugs and illegal gambling devices are not permitted at any time within the building.
  17. It is expected that outstanding balances will be settled in a timely manner. Balances that are delinquent may result in a cancellation of current reservations and a loss of reserving privileges for future reservations.
  18. Violations of the Elliott University Center policies may result in the loss of Elliott University Center privileges, or charges or both, whichever is appropriate.