Elliott University Center

Guidelines and Procedures for Facilities and Services


The Elliott University Center is funded by student fees.  The facilities purpose and intent is to support the programs, events, meetings, and conferences of the students.  Faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro may use the facilities with additional usage fees.


Reservation Priorities: 

The reserving period is from July 1 of the current year until June 30th of the next year.  The reservations system will be available to make reservations on the designated date based on the priorities listed below.  If the date listed below is not a scheduled work day, reservations open the following business day.

  1. Events related directly to enrollment, academic success and University traditions (for example: Student Homecoming activities, Family Weekend, WinterFest, Destination, Welcome Week): March 1 reservation date.
  2. Student Activities events and building programs, including Campus Activities Board activities: March 1 reservation date.
  3. Affiliated student organizations: April 1 reservation date.
  4. Academic Departments and administrative units: April 15 reservation date.
  5. Conferences and Camps sponsored by a University department, office, or unit: May 1 reservation date (see below).
  6. Non-University Groups, Individual use by a University employee, or External Individuals: May 15 reservation date.


Conferences and Camps (including Summer Reservations):

Conferences and camps will be booked, up to two years in advance, based on availability.  Programs such as SOAR take priority over any camp or conference.  Camps and Conferences, including those affiliated with an academic or administrative department, will be billed at Tier 2 room use fees for the meeting rooms and spaces used during the event.  The room use fee is in addition to set-up, clean-up, equipment charges, and any other charges you may be responsible for as part of your reservation.  Non-University groups and individuals will continue to pay the Tier 3 room rental fees (see attached), as well as any other charges associated with their event.


Conferences during the academic year can be tentatively booked up to two years in advance, after the EUC staff have reviewed prior year usage and determined projected availability.  Tier 2 room rates will apply.  Student-focused events, including items in Groups 1, 2, and 3, will take priority over non-student conferences.


Non-Student Reservations Usage Fee:  

Academic Departments and Administrative units whose meetings are in progress at or begin after 5:00pm on a daily basis Sunday through Friday, when Fall and Spring semester classes are in session, will be billed a room usage fee based on the type of space, as outlined below:

  • Meetings occurring in one of the pre-set meeting rooms: $20
  • Meetings occurring in Claxton, Alexander or Kirkland rooms: $35
  • Meetings occurring in Cone Ballroom or the Auditorium: $50

This room usage fee will be waived for Academic Departments and Administrative units where the meeting is hosted for, and attended by, fee-paying UNCG students.


Academic Departments, Administrative Units and Non-University groups and individuals may not use Affiliated Student Organizations to make reservations in an effort to avoid or reduce rental rates.  Users misrepresenting an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately, may incur additional charges, and may have reservations privileges suspended.

For an Elliott University Center pricing list, please click here.